Age: 28

Occupation: Video Editor

Location: Kansas City, MO

Relationship Status: Single


Standing at a mere 5 feet, 4 inches – Aaron is incredibly self-conscious about his height. He obsesses over how he is perceived by others, specifically by those of the opposite sex. Being vertically challenged has impacted every area of his life, from buying clothes and shoes, to avoiding social situations.   Aaron knows his lack of confidence is hindering him both personally and professionally. He’ll often make self-deprecating remarks on the job that leave his colleagues feeling uneasy.  Aaron wants to advance in life, and is ready to take on the challenge of making some major changes.


FASHION: Aaron blames his wardrobe on his height. He owns two “nice” shirts, and will rotate wearing them to work. Finding pants is a major challenge. He says he is too short to wear skinny jeans, so opts for boot cut that are often bunched up on the bottom. He owns zero formalwear and has never had an item of clothing tailored to fit his body. Aaron‘s small shoe size makes it difficult for him to find nice, stylish footwear.


GROOMING: Aaron hasn’t had a haircut in over two years! He’ll condition his lengthy mane  “once every couple of weeks.” He never uses products, and hasn’t a clue as to where he would begin.


DESIGN: Aaron rents a charming house in the Waldo neighborhood of Kansas City. He moved in with his girlfriend, but she broke up with him a year ago citing that they had “grown apart.” The house is a total bachelor pad complete with hockey gear and multiple recliners. Aaron sleeps on the couch because he finds it to be more comfortable than his bed. His beloved dog, Marty, has his own bedroom!

FOOD: Aaron is all about his Monster energy drinks and frozen breakfast bowls. He claims he likes to cook, but rarely does it.


CULTURE: Aaron is obsessed with ice hockey! It’s his only form of recreation outside of work. He’ll play 3-4 nights a week, and sit home with Marty the rest of the week watching Netflix. 

FAB FIVE CONNECTION: Tan is the shortest and most stylish member of our Fab 5 crew! He can teach Aaron how to dress to impress!

EVENT: Aaron’s office throws a big happy hour every month for young professionals in the media/tech industry. His coworkers would love to see Aaron mingle, light up the room, and maybe even work up the courage to chat up some young ladies!

NOMINATORS: Libby Kreighbaum and Jackson Swain, co-workers


  • Aaron’s ENTIRE office thinks he needs help from the Fab 5 ASAP. Jackson sits next to Aaron all day so he has a first hand look into Aaron’s self-deprecating ways.  Libby is the “mama” of the office, and she has unsuccessfully tried to steer Aaron in right the direction.