Age: 55

Occupation: Radio Engineer

Location: Kansas City, MO

Relationship Status: Single


Mark is many things – an engineer at a local radio station, a loving father to his two children, and an active participant in local Renaissance Faires! Mark has been divorced for over 20 years, and lives alone in a modest three-bedroom home in North Kansas City. Mark’s nominator, 23-year-old daughter, Chelsea, says her dad is a “lonely person.” Chelsea feels a lot of pressure to be her dad’s best friend, but she is preoccupied with her busy social life. She wishes he had a proper group of friends who share his unique interests. Mark is incredibly passionate about music, but doesn’t have anyone to share this hobby with. As a result, he started a one-man musical group called “Band of Hermits.”


FASHION: Mark is always “hot.” Like, literally. When he isn’t in his ‘Ren Faire’ attire, he refuses to wear long sleeved clothing or full-length pants. He is a huge fan of tank tops and his decade-old Birkenstocks. He has an aversion to buttons and will only wear shirts that are “buttonless.” Mark’s favorite t-shirt says, “I got out of bed for this?”


GROOMING: Mark keeps his long hair tied in a ponytail. He has no idea how to maintain it and always lets it air dry. He has issues with perspiration and has yet to find a deodorant that keeps him dry. Mark recently quit smoking, but after 30 years of the habit, his teeth are stained yellow.


DESIGN: According to Chelsea, Mark’s house is a complete disaster. He’s a collector of old furniture, most of which is broken. The floors are covered with old brown carpet that matches the old brown furniture. Like the furniture, many of the house fixtures (dishwasher & bathroom sink) are broken. There isn’t a proper table for Mark to sit down and have a meal at. He opts to sit on the living room floor and eat his meals off a paper plate.


FOOD: Mark is very into liquids. He’ll sometimes get by on water and coffee all day. When it comes to cooking, the only thing he has proudly mastered is ramen. He doesn’t even know how to make scrambled eggs!


CULTURE: Mark is a lover of music. For his “Band of Hermits” project, Mark lays down individual tracks for drums, guitar, and bass and then mixes them all together. 

FAB FIVE CONNECTION: The Fab Five will see a glimpse into Mark’s world when they go to the Renaissance Faire with him. They will, of course, be dressed in what “Ren Faire” garb they find in Mark’s closet.

EVENT: Band of Hermits Live Performance - Chelsea always asks her dad why he doesn’t perform and he says it’s because he can’t play all the musical parts at once. It would be amazing if Mark could rally some fellow musicians to support him at a live gig.

Nominator: Chelsea Leaver, daughter

  • Chelsea says her dad is aptly named because his character and contagious joy leave a “Mark” on everyone he meets. Chelsea wants to see her dad start thriving and making friends with people who share his love for music and the Renaissance Faire life! As much as she loves spending time with him, she can’t fulfill that void in his life.