Age: 51

Location: Austin, TX 

Relationship Status: Single 


Kofi Addo is a single, working dad of three kids. He’s currently the general manager of an upscale lounge in Austin and has worked in the nightlife industry his whole life. While he loves being a dad, he never imagined he’d be taking care of three young kids on his own. Three years ago, the mother of Kofi’s children, Sherrie, tragically passed away in a car accident, leaving him with her eldest son, Andy, from a previous relationship and their two young children, Karma and Kastielle. Prior to the car accident, Kofi and Sherrie’s relationship had been on the rocks and she took some time away from the family to get her act together. The day before her accident, Sherrie and Kofi reconciled and the plan was to reunite with the kids the following day. That day was the day of her accident. While this tragic day was devastating and sudden, Kofi never gave it a second thought that he would be taking care of these three kids- his family would remain intact. Even when Sherrie’s family offered to take Andy, Kofi was adamant that regardless of genetics, Andy was his son.


 Kofi is in constant survival mode- he has no family in Texas and is trying to take care of three kids on his own. He works nights at the lounge, goes straight from work to getting the kids ready for school, and then drops the eldest off at high school and the younger ones at a separate elementary school. Three hours of sleep is a good night for Kofi. His son, Andy, is now 14 years-old and struggling with his identity. He is a fair, red-haired teenager in a black family. He is a freshman in high school and is often taunted for being different from his father, brother and sister. While Kofi tries to talk with Andrew about his place in their family, he's hoping that this year he can officially change Andy’s last name to the rest of the family’s last name (Addo)- a symbol to his son that he is truly apart of their tribe. 


FASHION: As a single dad of three kids, the last thing on Kofi's mind is fashion. He’s a self-described packrat, who has kept clothing from every decade to date. He even refuses to get rid of a belt that spells his name out in LED lights. Since he’s worked in the service industry his whole life, he predominantly wears promotional liquor t-shirts and bar swag.

GROOMING:  While Kofi tries to keep things low maintenance, his biggest grooming focus is on his 8 year-old daughter, Karma. Right now, he’s got three basic looks for her- brushed, ponytail, and two ponytails. Because his daughter and son have mixed race hair, he needs advice on what products make the most sense for them- something he's currently clueless about.

DESIGN: Right now Kofi’s family lives in a tiny 3-bedroom apartment. The two boys share a room, while Kofi and his daughter each have their own. As the kids get older, they simply have less and less space. Kofi plans to move to a house in March where everyone can have more room and a yard. This will be the first house he and the kids have lived in and they need some help in making it feel like home. 

FOOD:  Kofi is a super picky eater. He likes what he likes and rarely introduces his kids to new foods. He’s realizing that his food biases are becoming his kids food biases- something he doesn’t want to instill in his family.

CULTURE:  Kofi has been solely focused on his kids since the passing of Sherrie. He hasn’t actually grieved and often deflects when anyone asks him about that tragic day. His ability to block out sadness and to put up walls has trickled down to his eldest son, Andy. He needs Karamo’s mentorship in learning how to be more emotionally available to his family, but also to himself.


Nominator: Adam Seyer, Kofi's Best Friend

Adam and Kofi have been best friends for over 20 years. He knew Kofi during his bachelor days and was by his side during the loss of Sherrie. He's like an uncle to Kofi's three children and he wants nothing more than to see the family start a new life chapter together.