Age: 46

Occupation: Runs a Fish Stand

Location: Italian Market / South Philadelphia

Relationship Status: Married 20+ years


Marcos is the eccentric owner of Marcos's Fish & Crab House in the bustling Italian Market. Seeking better opportunities for himself and his wife Alma, he immigrated to Philly from Mexico 20 years ago, while Alma stayed back in Mexico. He eventually saved enough money to have Alma join him and they started their family. Marcos has worked his entire life for others, and now he’s got an opportunity to pursue his true American Dream – running his own restaurant.


Marcos has worked hard his entire life for this moment. He has turned a humble fish stand into a local mainstay and he's now mustering up the courage to take the next step and open his own restaurant, where his beloved wife Alma will cook the fish Marcos brings in. It will complete their American Dream. He has his eye on what was previously George’s Roast Pork, now a vacant space that recently shut down, that just happens to be on the same block as his market. He could unveil his restaurant via a booth at the Philadelphia Latino Festival happening July 13th. He hopes to have ALL of his family’s support, even that of his oldest daughter, Jennifer, 19, who has recently become estranged.


FASHION: Marcos loves to wear hats, either a fedora or a Mexican style cowboy hat that he uses to keep his hair out of his face while he works. When it comes to his clothes, Marcos has two modes - snazzy 70's and fish market appropriate. He would love to find some outfits that can get dirty at the fish market that aren't absolute rags.

GROOMING: Marcos is very proud of his hair and mustache, which he's been growing out for years.

DESIGN: Marcos built his house from the ground up. Literally. It was an old shack that no one in the family believed would become a house. For his 12 year old's last birthday, he built her a bedroom on the top floor. They only have one bathroom for 6 people. There is plumbing on the bottom floor to create a second bathroom - this is a project that has been on Marcos's list for quite some time.

FOOD: They eat fish at least 5 times a week! His wife Alma is the cook of the house.

CULTURE: Marcos is a family man through and through and works tirelessly to provide the best possible life for them. His beloved oldest daughter, Jennifer, 19 moved out of the house after a heated debate and Marcos regrets how it all went down. In Mexico, children stay in the house until they get married! He feels like a failed father, and wants to understand why she left their family.

EVENT:  Latino Culture Festival July 13-14

Nominator: Karen Tlacopilco, daughter (age 18)

  • Karen is thankful for the life her father has given her. She wants her family to be united again. She thinks her dad could definitely learn a thing or two from the Fab Five on how to tweak some of his old-school ways.