Age: 30

Occupation: Brewer at Imperial Brewing Company

Location: Kansas City, MO

Relationship Status: Single


Caleb Gibbs is a brewer at KC hotspot Imperial Brewing Company. He's a slave to his job and works nonstop in hopes of getting promoted to a senior "brewmaster" position. The son of Christian missionary parents, Caleb moved homes frequently as a child. He lived in Tanzania and Canada, before the Gibbs eventually settled in the Midwest. Caleb's parents and sister, Lacy, are still extremely devout Christians, whereas Caleb has stepped away from it. While his family is loving and supportive of the choices he has made, he struggles with feeling like the "black sheep" of the family when it comes to religion and lifestyle choices.


FASHION: Caleb dresses in black from head-to-toe. Black hat, black shirts, black pants, black shoes! A few years ago he tossed away all of his colorful clothing so it would be easier for him to get dressed in the morning. If everything is black, you don’t have to worry about things matching!


GROOMING: Caleb can grow his beard so long that he can wrap it around his neck twice! At present, it hits his sternum, but according to his sister Lacy, it won't be long before it's a "scarf" again. Caleb admits the beard is a security blanket of sorts. It’s always the first thing people talk about when they see him, and Lacy thinks he enjoys having it as a conversation starter.


DESIGN: Caleb lives alone in a sparse home on the border of Troost. He has yet to invite Lacy over because he's embarrassed of the space. Caleb and Lacy have a unique dynamic, with Lacy being the younger sibling, yet she's married, owns a home, and has children. He feels like his parents are constantly comparing him to her, who "has it all together." Prior to living alone, Caleb shared the space with a girlfriend, a roommate, and a dog – he admits he is often lonely.


FOOD: Caleb is a great cook, but thinks it's incredibly depressing to "cook for one." He lacks the motivation to get in the kitchen, and admits to drinking heavily on a daily basis.


CULTURE: Beer, beer, beer! Caleb is truly an expert when it comes to beer varietals. He is passionate about inventing recipes to brew.


FAB FIVE CONNECTION: Jonathan will have his work cut out with him (physically and emotionally) when it comes to Caleb’s infamous beard. Antoni will love seeing Caleb’s passion for beer, and can teach him some meals that pair well with a good brew.

EVENT: Beer Release Party!

Nominator: Lacy Smith, 28, sister


  • Lacy wants Caleb to know that they aren't in competition with each other. She respects his values and lifestyle, and wants to see him be the best version of himself possible.