Age: 47

Occupation: Program Director at Camp Wildwood

Location: Lacygne, KS (1 hr. from KC)

Relationship Status: Girlfriend


Joey considers himself a “professional camper.” He was a Boy Scout and learned independence at various camps throughout his life. He feels most at home at camp. While most counselors are in their 20s, Joey is almost 48. He was recently named Program Director at Camp Wildwood, where Joey had his first camp job 20 years ago (and also fell in love with his ex-wife in 1991). As Program Director, he’s responsible for making camp fun by spearheading activities, such as zip lining, kayaking, fishing, nature hikes, and swimming in the lake. Now that Joey is in a management position, he needs help with a better self-image. The camp promotes “taking care of yourself” as one of its pillars, but Joey knows he needs to take his own advice. Recently divorced, this summer will also be the first time that Joey will have his 13-year-old son, Isaac, for five continuous weeks.



FASHION: Joey’s typical look is hand-me-down t-shirts, cargo shorts, and holey shoes. He doesn’t have “nice” clothes for the camp’s fundraisers where they raise the money for low-income families to send their kids to camp. He considers clothing to be completely utilitarian. As long as it covers what it needs to cover – he’s good to go.


GROOMING: His girlfriend says he doesn’t wear deodorant, doesn’t shower with soap regularly, and doesn’t always brush his teeth. He’s unkempt - always looks like he needs a haircut. He admits that he doesn’t really take care of himself especially in the summer when it’s hot and he’s outdoors all the time. He smells like camp!


DESIGN: Joey is moving from an RV into a cabin on Camp Wildwood’s grounds. He plans to live there year-round. The cabin is so old, dark, and gross that even the Camp Director doesn’t want to go there. The cabin will be the first home he’s had where there is room for his son Isaac to have a bedroom. He wants Isaac to feel comfortable and cozy in the cabin, but there’s much work to be done.


FOOD: Joey is constantly forgetting to eat. He’ll nosh on trail mix and granola bars and go days without having a proper meal. His cabin doesn’t have a refrigerator, so he doesn’t have a place to put produce and meat.


CULTURE: Joey is passionate about teaching kids. He oversees performing arts programs and outdoor programs at the camp. He plays in a punk band and loves art museums and drawing. He looks forward to doing activities with his 13-year-old son, Isaac, this summer.


FAB FIVE CONNECTION: Our guys will love the chance to spend the night at sleepaway camp! Antoni can make s’mores while Karamo tells ghost stories by the campfire!


EVENT: CAMP COOKOUT FUNDRAISER! The camp is having a big cookout fundraiser at the beginning of August. It’s the perfect event for Joey to show off his new look to all of the campers and camp staff!

CO-NOMINATORS: Robyn Ratcliff, Camp Director & Kelly Anne Larson, Girlfriend

  • Kelly Anne and Robyn know that Joey isn’t living up to his potential. They would love for the Fab 5 to give him a nudge in the right direction to better his left and improve his strained relationship with his son.