Age: 53

 Location: Austin, TX 

Relationship Status: Married


Brad White is a jovial, Texan dude who is passionate about competitive cook-offs. Whether it's a chili cook-off or a BBQ competition, you better believe Brad is there to win. He's a master at a classic, no beans Texas chili and as much as he loves to make it, he likes to eat it even more. 


In December 2019, Brad had gastric sleeve surgery or "stomach stapling". This was a huge life change for Brad, who at 55, had overeaten most of his adult life and, at his heaviest, weighed close to 400 lbs. He gives his son credit for inspiring him to turn his life around. Last year, his 24 year-old son, Josh, finally conquered his crippling addiction to alcohol, went to rehab, and is now clean and sober. Brad thought if Josh could make a turnaround from where he had come from, he could do it too. While he and Josh have come a long way, there is still a lot unsaid between the two of them. Brad wants to regain the years he lost when his son was under the influence and rekindle the bond they once shared many years ago. Brad may have the surgery behind him, but now he needs help with everything that mentally and physically comes from an accelerated physical transformation. With his whole life ahead of him, Brad needs the Fab 5 to give him a fresh look for the fresh start he's embarking on.


FASHION: While Brad has lost nearly 60 lbs., he is still wearing the 5XL shirts he had at his heaviest. He loves bright, standout colors, but seems to only associate that with casual t-shirts. He believes that button-downs or "sharp" clothing only come in beige. He's got loads of free swag from cook-off events, but would love a polished, well-fitting wardrobing that showcases his new body. 

GROOMING: Brad has been rocking a Fu Manchu mustache for years, to the dismay of his family, and he even strings beads in it on special occasions. While his wife would love for him to remain his carefree self, she'd also like him to take his look more seriously and ditch the beads!

DESIGN: Brad refers to himself as a "generalist", which for him means he has a wide variety of knick-knacks and collectables. His wife would say that this means there is crap all over the house. Brad has 5 different computers from the 90's scattered about the house,  a hat collection that spans decades, and 3 separate meat smokers in the backyard. Brad likes to hold onto things because he holds great stock in sentimental value, however, he needs to learn the difference between items that spark joy and ones that just create clutter. 

FOOD: Brad's old diet consisted of  salty smoked meats and decadent desserts. He's currently on a high from his rapid weight loss, however, he's worried about the long-term sustainability of this life change. He's made poor nutritional choices his whole life and needs to learn that even though his stomach may be smaller, he still needs address his problematic relationship with food. 

CULTURE: Brad decided to change his life because his son did. However, he's lost precious time during the years Josh was at the height of his alcohol addiction. The two have not been able to have an honest, father/son talk since they turned their lives around- they're hoping to reconnect and start the journey of healing together. 

EVENT:  Plooky's 20th Anniversary Celebration

Nominator: Brad Smith, Wife

                    Jane Smith, Wife 

 Jane has been rooting for Brad and Josh to reconcile for years.

She knows now that they've both experienced major life changes,

there's no time like the present to reconnect.