Age: 31

Occupation: Metal Sculptor

Location: Kansas City, KS

Relationship Status: Single, has romantic interest


Baker is a well-known artist in KC’s Crossroads art scene. He makes custom metal art out of found scrap metal and lives in his work studio. A self-admitted workaholic, Baker has put every area of his life on hold to focus on his burgeoning art career. His prior relationships have all ended poorly because he always makes work the priority. Friends, Baker and Vanessa (his nominator) went on their first date last week! Vanessa is super attracted to Baker, but is extremely hesitant to take their relationship further. Vanessa has an 11-year old daughter and is looking for someone who can be stable and available for both of them. She truly hopes the Fab Five can help Bake be the man she needs in her life.


FASHION: Baker wears a uniform of white t-shirts and ripped jeans every single day. Most of his clothing is ripped, burned with holes, and covered in a layer of dirt. He does not own any “formal wear.”


GROOMING: Bake’s sister is his go-to haircutter but she moved to Texas two years ago. Since her departure, Bake has “let the ‘fro grow’” and hasn’t touched his hair. He wears a hat everyday in an attempt to control it, but according to Bake, his hair has reached “critical mass” and many of his hats no longer fit. He is trying to grow a beard with little success and his face is covered in uneven patchy fuzz.


DESIGN: Baker lives in his metal sculpting studio. He calls it his live/work space. The space is incredibly hazardous with wires and metal strewn about. Baker’s mattress lies flat on a corner in the floor. He thinks it’s “artsy,” but Vanessa couldn’t disagree more.


FOOD: Baker does NOT have a stove in his work studio/apartment. He uses an electric flat skillet to make eggs and stir frys, but he is incredibly limited in what he can actually cook. He has a major sweet tooth and will sometimes wake up in the middle of the night to eat brownies or cake from the fridge.


CULTURE: Baker loves all things art, but since it is “work” he’d like to expand his horizons.

FAB FIVE CONNECTION: Karamo can help Baker connect with his black roots despite having grown up in a predominately white area.

EVENT: Every First Friday of September the Crossroads District has a big “art walk” where Baker displays his latest work. It’s the perfect opportunity for his friends and family to see the new and improved Baker.

Nominator: Vanessa Davis, potential romantic interest


  • Vanessa and Baker have had their eyes on each other for a few years but they were always in relationships with other people. They are finally both single but Vanessa is looking for something serious and she doesn’t know if Baker is ready for that. She is incredibly attracted to him and his passion for art, and hopes the Fab Five can help him live up to his full potential.