Age: 29

Occupation: Computer Technician

Location: Kansas City, MO

Relationship Status: Girlfriend


Tony and his girlfriend, Brianna, met two years ago while he was working for the Geek Squad at Best Buy. A little over a year after dating, Brianna found out she was pregnant! While Tony is used to being a father figure to Brianna’s six-year-old daughter, Kairi, he is completely overwhelmed by the thought of a newborn. The baby is due on September 1st and Tony is freaking out. Brianna hopes the Fab Five can help Tony feel confident, calm, and collected as this little baby makes its way into the world!


FASHION: Tony wears t-shirts with superheroes, cargo shorts, and flip-flops year round – even in the snow! He owns one ratty 10-year old pair of jeans that rarely gets washed. Tony just recently started a new job in the IT field and dresses just as one would expect someone who tinkers with computers by himself all day would dress.


GROOMING: Tony uses drug store hair gel to tame his mane, but Brianna says it makes him look like a gross Jon Snow! Typically, Tony only showers twice a week, but now that Brianna is pregnant, her sense of smell is heightened and she forces him to shower when the smell becomes unbearable.


DESIGN: Tony is planning to have the new baby sleep in his bedroom, but zero preparations have been done to make the room baby-friendly. The bedroom is in shambles. The mattress sits on a box spring, the dresser is home to a lizard cage, and in lieu of closet they hand their clothing on racks in the room. There is not a lot of room for a crib and a changing table. The rest of the town house is majorly outdated and covered wall-to-wall in 20-year-old carpeting.


FOOD: Tony likes to cook, but finds it much easier to eat fast food and frozen pizza. Whenever he stocks the fridge, he lets produce rot because he forgets he has it. He’ll even eat food that is well past its expiration date. Tony has high cholesterol and is trying to cut back on the junk food but with the stress of a new job, a pregnant girlfriend, and a six-year-old, he finds himself craving things he shouldn’t be eating.

CULTURE: Tony LOVES board games! He is using his coat closet as a “game closet” much to Brianna’s disappointment. He would love to learn activities that he could do with the new baby when she arrives.


FAB FIVE CONNECTION: The Fab Five will adore six-year-old spitfire, Kairi, and Karamo will have a heart to heart, father to father with Tony.


EVENT: Tony’s newborn daughter is coming September 1st! Tony needs to have his confidence and his space elevated to be the dad he wants to be. A baby shower and/or the baby’s homecoming is the finish line he MUST be ready for.

Nominator: Brianna McMahill, girlfriend and baby mama


  • Brianna knows Tony will be a great father, but she wants him to look and feel the part of “dad” as he enters this exciting new chapter!