Age: 44

Occupation: Broadway Roasting Company Co-Owner

Location: Kansas City, MO

Relationship Status: Married


Jon has been in the coffee business since 1992, starting at the Broadway Café and then expanding to the Broadway Roasting Company in 1998. He now travels to coffee origin countries, such as Nicaragua and Columbia, to go right to the source and build relationships with coffee farmers and producers. As the face of the company, Jon’s whole family and partner agree that this hipster coffee drinker needs a kick in the pants to become the #1 supplier of coffee in not only the city of KC but the country. His two daughters, Gracie (14) and Sylvie (11), are embarrassed by their dad’s hairy “Mr. Rogers” look and are afraid he’s giving off an unprofessional vibe.


FASHION: Jon is very skinny so his khaki pants always look like they’re falling off, but you wouldn’t notice when your eyes are drawn to his shirt with holes in it. Mother-­in-­law Tammy claims he looks like an Amish cowboy, with his trademark white cowboy hat, plethora of yellow and wooden glasses, and weird thrift store, two-­dollar ties he wears when roasting his coffee. Jon says he’s going for the “Indiana Jones professor” look, but everyone else is sure he’s nailing it.


GROOMING: After years of coffee drinking and admittedly not staying on top of his oral hygiene, Jon is missing several teeth. Because of this, he never smiles with his mouth open. Even when he’s teaching a roasting class or speaking with clients, he tries to keep his mouth as closed as possible! Jon sports a very long, scraggly beard. Four years ago, he planned a coffee trip to Ethiopia but was bedridden due to his chronic battle with Crohn’s Disease and couldn’t go – he VOWED he would not touch his beard until he made it to Ethiopia (Four years and still no trip!).


DESIGN: Jon, his wife  Kendra, and two daughters live in a 3-bedroom house with one bathroom that according to mother-­in‐law Tammy is the smallest airplane bathroom you’ve ever seen! Jon loves to collect antiques that make his home look cluttered and mismatched. Jon’s beloved RV sits in the driveway, but he would love to ‘trick it out’ and make it a functional space where friends can hang out in the backyard.


FOOD: Jon knows his cooking skills are terrible. He is only a “foodie” when it comes to coffee, his beverage of choice. He’s so obsessed with coffee he’d rather spend his meals sipping on java instead of eating actual food. His wife and one daughter are vegetarians so he rarely eats with them.


CULTURE: All Jon ever talks about is coffee and his motorcycle. He would love to expand his horizons to all that KC has to offer.

FAB FIVE CONNECTION: Antoni will love  being surrounded by Jon’s exotic batches of coffee.

EVENT: The Broadway Roasting Company’s 20th anniversary is this September and they are about to begin planning a celebration. There is much to celebrate as the company grows. It even ran a Starbucks out of the  town because it’s THAT good!

Nominator: Tammy Johnson, mother-in-law


  • Tammy wants the best for her son‐in­‐law. She wants him to feel more confident in himself and show his kids that there’s always room for self-improvement. Tammy also wants her daughter to be happy, fulfilled, and with the best partner possible!