Age: 29

Location: Austin, TX 

Relationship Status: Single 


Cody was born deaf and he has worked hard to exceed the expectations of those who doubt him.  Despite always putting his best foot forward, he often feels bullied and discriminated. After years of inner turmoil, at age 21 Cody finally came out as gay to his mom. He feels like he has two "strikes" against him for being both gay and deaf. He wants to prove to the world that being he can be gay, deaf, and live a full, rich life. 


Cody loves his family but they haven't made a strong effort to learn Sign Language. He harbors a great deal of anger and sadness due to the communication barrier. His dad passed away a few years ago, and he wants to get closer to his mom and sister. Growing up he felt his disability would prevent him from having a fulfilling career. He finally found a career that gives him purpose and he is studying to be a deaf interpreter for the deaf. 


FASHION: Cody jokes that he's blind as well as deaf because he couldn't pick out an outfit that matches to save his life! He usually wears funky tee-shirts, ripped jeans, and holey sneakers. He wants to learn to rock a more professional look for his new interpreter job. 

GROOMING:  Cody's long hair and beard are a product of his apathy towards his appearance. He just lets it grow and pushes it out of his eyes with a bandana. He feels like it's gotten so out of control at this point he doesn't know what to do next. 

DESIGN: Cody lives in a modest two-bedroom home with a roommate. The house doesn't reflect Cody's personality or interests. He is very organized, but has nothing of sentimental value in the house. 

FOOD: Cody loves cooking, but sticks to the basics. He's a rice, beans, chicken kind of guy. He rarely has friends or family over and he'd love to learn to cook for a large group.  

CULTURE: Cody wants to be an advocate for the Deaf community. He says with today's technology, communicating should be easier than ever, but people still act as if connecting with him is a challenge.

EVENT:  Cody's first public interpreting event. 

Nominator: Trisha, Cody's Mom

Trisha has done her best to support and bond with Cody, but it's been difficult over the years. She worries deeply for her son and wants him to be happy and content.