Counter Strike Coffee

Cypress, TX

Brandon Buttrey, 36

Michael Rodriguez, 44

  • Counter Strike Coffee is a veteran owned, veteran operated, and patriot approved coffee company. They produce a line of outstanding military inspired coffee that reflects some of the experiences individuals have while serving the US of A.

  • Backstory - Brandon is a U.S. Navy and10-year Combat Veteran. This all around ninja came up with the idea for a coffee company while teaching to an Urban Medical Integration Class. He’d always buy coffee for his students. One day a lightbulb went off and he thought, maybe a coffee company with a military theme would be a hit. He recently partnered up with Michael to get the biz to the next level. Michael will be a minority partner in the company and also act as Brandon’s mentor in all things business.

  • Leap - Brandon has been in talks with a venture capitalist. If he gets the funding he’s requesting, he’ll be able to start the process of opening his warehouse/roasting house/coffee shop.

  • Business Plan - The biggest goals right now are to obtain capital for expansion and to purchase a warehouse so they can use the space to store, roast, and ship coffee. They are working toward landing contracts with casinos, hotels, and grocery stores. They will need to hire veterans to help run the business. Last but not least, they want to open cafe for a local retail presence.

  • Struggles - Brandon has acquired a lot of debt from starting this company. He is late on mortgage payments, is worried about losing his cars, and has had his power shut off. If the doesn’t secure capital to grow the business, he’ll have to close the doors on Counter Strike.

  • Stakes - Brandon has a lot at stake. From his home to his personal finances, a lot is invested in this business. If the ship sinks, his savings will go down with it.

  • 3-Month Milestone - Buying a warehouse and creating roasting facility are the goals to hit within the next 6 months.