Franklin Lakes, NJ

Diamond Fitness

Emily Toal, 36

Chris Kerber, 31

  • Diamond Fitness will be North Jersey’s premier all bootcamp Gym! Currently there are no other gyms in the area dedicated to one style of fitness. The plan is to corner the market on bootcamp within the next year and with a rockstar like Chris as head trainer, they are sure to be a success.

  • Backstory - Diamond Fitness (working name) is the brainchild of Emily Toal and Chris Kerber. With Chris being a full-time trainer and Emily being a 9-5 stay-at-home-mom with a business dream, starting their own high-end bootcamp gym was a no brainer. Emily and Chris have been dating for almost three years. She actually left her husband for Chris! Now they want to cement their love and open a gym together!

  • The Leap - Chris will be leaving a full-time job at Venom Fitness within the next 6-8 months to dedicate all his time to opening the gym. He will be doing all of the gym build-out himself. Chris knows that it will take a while to build up a clientele but he plans on bringing all of his regular clients over to Diamond Fitness ASAP.

  • Business Plan - They have a lot of work to do within the next 6-8 months, including finding the perfect location, transforming it into a modern sleek gym, hiring the best trainers in the area, and having a kick-off party that will put their gym on the map. The ultimate goal for this couple is to have the most successful bootcamp gym anywhere and to franchise around the country.

  • Struggles - Finding the perfect location has definitely been challenging. They have been working with a local realtor because the location of the gym will be key to their success but still haven’t found the perfect space. Finding great trainers has also been tough. If they want to attract ladies who lunch, their trainers must be gorgeous and on point when it comes to getting their clients fit.

  • Stakes - Emily is going to be cashing in her life savings to start the gym so stakes are very high. She had planned to use the money to buy a home after her divorce but is willing to risk it all to be her own boss.

  • 3-Month Milestone - By January 2019, Diamond Fitness will have their grand opening and celebrate with a bash!