Doggie Mac's Food Truck

St. Louis, MO

Daniel Gardonia, 31

Brian Scott, 43

Demarco Howard, 37

  • Doggie Mac’s food truck will be St. Louis’ go-to eatery for gourmet hotdogs and soul food mac-and-cheese! Bryan is innovating the hotdog experience by incorporating unique ingredients and flavors never before seen by St. Louis foodies. From his Philly Cheese Steak Dog to his Greek Dog, Bryan’s truck will have people lined-up.

  • Backstory - It has been Bryan’s dream to start a food truck for the past 5 years. Growing up in the St. Louis projects, Bryan’s life hasn’t been easy. He watched his parents struggle to make ends meet and knew that he wanted more out of life...he wanted to be a business owner doing something he loved. Bryan went to culinary school but was recently working a bank job he hated. He quit his 9-5 a week ago to finally chase his dream and now he’s working on getting his funding. He is armed with his late grandmother’s mac-and-cheese recipe and plans on taking over the St. Louis food truck scene.

  • The Leap - Bryan has applied for a small business loan to refurbish his truck and help pay for food and everything he needs to get the truck up-and-running. The loan should be approved within the next few months. Once the bank hands him that check it will really make his dream a reality AND put the pressure on him to start selling dogs!

  • Business Plan - Over the next 6 months, Bryan will be getting his business loan, overhauling his food truck to add a kitchen and cooking area, getting permits, and he’ll be applying for spots in St. Louis’ Food Truck Fridays and Food Truck Saturdays. He will also be selling at local food fairs while the weather is warm.

  • Struggles - Bryan’s biggest struggle right now is funding. He is doing pop-ups to get the word out about his unique dogs but he needs that loan check stat so he can get his truck on the road.

  • Stakes - Bryan’s livelihood is at stake. He has to be able to pay bills and feed his 5-year-old daughter. So this is do-or-die for Bryan.

  • 3-Month Milestone - Bryan is planning to have his truck on the road hopefully by September. Selling that first dog off the truck will be a moment he’ll remember forever.