• Dr. Samantha is a board certified physician and has been practicing general medicine for over 10 years. She has treated a wide range of health issues and also performed surgery.

  • She received her M.D. from University of Miami and then completed her residency at Emory University School of Medicine.

  • She served as the Director of Undergraduate Medical Education and Ambulatory Care at Emory University. She taught medical students everything from the basics of anatomy to treating stress and trauma.

  • She also served as a Medical Officer in the Army for three years, where she traveled the world treating soldiers. She regularly treated serious   injuries caused by gunshots and explosions. She also helped soldiers suffering disorders like stress, trauma, and PTSD.

  • She has run her own private practice and currently runs her own medical consulting firm.


  • She was inspired to become a doctor to help her family growing up. She grew up poor and was often not able to see a doctor.

  • She went to college at the young age of 15.

ยท      She has traveled all over the world and she once treated a lion attack in Kenya.