Erin Raeman   (28) & Travis DeWind   (32)


Location: Rochester, NY

Wedding Date: August 10, 2019

Wedding Venue:  TBD

Guest Count: 50



WEDDICULOUS SAYS: So is marriage! Go for it.

Erin & Travis's Story

Though Erin and Travis went to the same high school, they didn’t meet until Erin started dating the bassist in Travis’s band. After that relationship fizzled, it took Travis a few years to work up the nerve to ask her out. They’ll be getting married after nearly 10 years as a couple!


While they both grew up in upstate New York, the quirky pair now live in Los Angeles. Travis is in the throes of launching a new marketing company, so they’re looking to pull off the wedding of a lifetime on a shoestring budget.


They want their wedding to be unique and immediately thought of throwing a 1920’s traveling circus themed affair complete with lots of bright colors, an absinthe bar and a cool “Sleep No More” party-around-every-corner vibe. But, as they started to plan, they quickly realized they had no idea what they were doing and couldn’t believe the costs!


Sticker shock has this couple second-guessing everything—from the food to the guest list. Though the big (let’s be real: medium) day’s only months away, they don’t even have a venue secured! And, in a budget-conscious, but potentially disastrous, move, Erin has decided to take on a considerable amount of the heavy lifting and DIY, but the pressure to pull it all off flawlessly has been keeping her up at night. They originally thought they would invite 200 people, but recently realized that’s straight up impossible and slashed the guest list to 20. At this point, Erin and Travis are looking for any and all ideas to pull off the fun wedding they want before the mounting stress spoils the whole event.

A Story - The Deep Dive

BACKSTORY:  Figuring out how to keep the small wedding they can afford from being an underwhelming wedding is the goal—think memorable and wonderful, not little and “meh.”

This couple has a million original ideas for the big day, but with their barely-there budget, they worry there is no way to pull it off.

TASK & PROCESS:  Jamie empathizes with the couple, reminding them that Big Bridal loves to make you feel like there are a million choices that could make or break your wedding. In truth, there are no right or wrong choices with weddings. There are just choices, period. So poop one out! You’ll feel lighter when you do!


Jamie takes them to a local watering hole and leads them through a cathartic process she calls the Decision Dump, in which together the couple must make a series of quick decisions on outstanding choices...however they can manage. The goal is speed! The couple can make decisions however they want...whether by flipping coins, having a bartender pick option A or B. Every 5 decisions earns a the couple a shot of their favorite booze. The couple enjoys the thrill of making decisions over the prison of rumination. Jamie is inspired and decides to make a few quick on-the-spot decisions she’s been putting off (such as going into her Amazon shopping cart and pressing Delete or Buy Now).

PAY OFF:  Erin and Travis have an amazing, unforgettable wedding with a loose circus-spin that doesn’t break the bank.


B Story  - The Hand Off

BACKSTORY:  Erin is DIY-ing everything including her wedding dress, but she can’t settle on what it should look like. When she walked into the fabric store it only made her more overwhelmed. Erin’s indecision is eating up valuable time and if she can’t make progress she’s risking walking down the aisle in an unfinished gown.

TASK & PROCESS:  Jamie gets to the bottom of Erin’s insistence on making her dress. Is it because she hates shopping? Or does she just love sewing THAT much? Once understood, Jamie can help send Erin in the right direction. E.g. if she wants to make her own, she has to agree to put some money in the budget towards having a professional tailor oversee the project—not so much for the look of the dress, but the quality. Nothing could be worse than it ripping mid-chicken dance! That sh*t is already embarrassing enough without a wardrobe malfunctions... OR Jamie, being the obsessive vintage shopper she is, introduces Erin to the skillful art of second-hand gown hunting!

PAY OFF:  Erin buys a dress similar to the pattern she had planned on making, with Jamie’s help. In doing so, she gets to have the corny-fun experience of “saying yes to the dress” while also picking something that feels true to her style… but way better quality than a homemade nightmare frock.


C Story - The Quick Fix

BACKSTORY:  Erin’s parents are divorced and while her mom and dad are cordial, at her engagement party her paternal grandmother wouldn’t even say hi to her mom, Laurie. The whole exchange made Erin’s blood boil and she doesn’t want to see her mom disrespected on her wedding day. She worries that she’ll be too focused on their behavior when she’s supposed to be enjoying her time with Travis.

TASK & PROCESS:  At the wedding, Jamie devises a plan that subtly forces these women to work together on the fly. For example, if a cake needs to be wheeled in, Jamie could strategically place it far outside the venue and send the women to get it. As they roll along, Jamie could encourage them to chat it up while throwing her own positive, light-hearted conversation topics and jokes into the mix.

PAY OFF:  Erin catches Laurie and Granny… laughing? Together?! Even if it’s just for a moment, it’s a moment Erin will remember. Yay! Erin is able to actually enjoy the day she worked so hard to plan.


Erin's Mom

  • Laurie is thrilled that the first of her five kids is getting married! Erin told her about the 1920’s circus theme and she’s really excited about getting a dress to fit it. She knows they want to scrap a big wedding and have a small get-together instead, but Laurie thinks they will regret not having an affair to remember.

  • Laurie knows there is tension with her ex’s family, but she is trying to be positive and hopes they can get along for Erin’s big day.



Travis's Best Friend

  • Zeke grew up with Travis and has known Erin for almost as long.

  • As the officiant, Zeke still has no idea on how he wants to plan the ceremony or what he’s going to say. He’s a little nervous about having all eyes on him. He knows Travis and Erin are putting all of their trust in him and he can’t mess things up.

Erin's Best Friend

  • Erin and Amy met working at coffee shop and they’ve been best friends ever since.

  • Amy went to the fabric store with Erin to help pick out materials for her wedding dress but it was a hot mess! Erin couldn’t decide on anything, leaving Amy to pull the trigger and pick out fabric for her to buy. Erin is still unsure if she likes it or not.

  • Although they’re really close, Amy has been in the dark about a lot of Erin’s wedding plans. She hasn’t been given any bridesmaid’s duties, and knows Erin is a terrible planner…