New York, NY & Atlanta, GA

Esrever Wines

Jasmine Dunn, 31

Ashanti Middleton, 31

Tyshemia Ladson, 31

  • Esrever Wines is a new, minority female owned, LGBT friendly, wine label. With its unique blend of Moscato and Pinot Grigio grapes, this innovative brand plans on taking over the male dominated wine world.

  • Backstory - The ladies of Esrever have been best friends since meeting on the playground in third grade. They’ve always been entrepreneurs at heart, and getting into the wine industry has been a passion project for the last 7 years. Ashanti, Jasmine, and Tyshemia have been working overtime to get their label up and running. Because of their hard work and with Jasmine’s background in spirits, Esrever is finally going from a dream to a reality.

  • The Leap - Esrever will be launching this August. The team has ordered their first 100 cases of wine and were just approved for their TTB permit—so they are now considered an official beverage of the US!

  • Business Plan - Over the next six months this biz will be very busy. Team Esrever will be visiting their winery and picking up their first 100 cases of wine. The team needs to get their wine storage warehouse renovated so they can make larger orders and have product close at hand for sales. They are also planning a September red carpet fundraiser to help purchase their next wine order and help with renovations. They need to get their wine in stores and restaurants, and they need to get their name out there by any means necessary. They plan on doing wine tastings, pop-up shops, and will be knocking on doors to get their wine in stores. Last but not least they need to plan their launch party!

  • Struggles - Funding is the biggest struggle right now. They are planning a fundraiser to help them stretch their personal investments. If they want to really grow, these ladies will need to find an Angel Investor.

  • Stakes - Everything is at stake for Esrever. They are completely self-funded and will lose all of their savings if this doesn’t work out. Ashanti’s livelihood will be at stake when she leaves her job. Jasmine is a single mom and she can’t afford for this not to work. And Ty is taking care of her parents right now and can’t afford any losses. This is do or die for them!

  • 3-Month Milestone - Ashanti, Jasmine, and Tyshemia all work full-time jobs. Ashanti plans on quitting her job at JC Penny in January of 2019 to devote all of her attention to Esrever. Ty and Jasmine hope to follow in her footsteps as soon as possible.