Jess Kulick   (33) & Vin Treglia      (30)


Location: Long Island, NY

Wedding Date: August 3, 2019

Wedding Venue: The Old Field Club

Guest Count: 160

BIG BRIDAL SAYS: Make your guests comfortable without pushing your weird lifestyle on them.


WEDDICULOUS SAYS: What’s more comfortable than child’s pose!

Jess & Vin's Story

Jess & Vin are an outdoorsy, free-spirited, yoga loving couple (their wedding hashtag is #vinyassica) who want to have a unique & memorable wedding. They met working at a yoga events company and are so in love!


They both come from Long Island and their old-school Italian families are not into their vision of a bohemian wedding, and insist on them doing it the "red sauce" way. These two are all about being unconventional. They are appeasing their families by having their wedding at a traditional catering hall, but want to leave their mark on the space via flowers, decor, etc. to make it "their own." They are even incorporating a group meditation into their wedding ceremony. Much to the dismay of their families, they are not having a bridal party because they think it's an antiquated tradition.


This is Jess's second marriage - and she hated her first wedding. At her first wedding she was stranded without a ride to the venue, spilled red wine on her white wedding dress, and had a venue that "forgot" to put up her flowers and decor. This is her chance to finally get it right. But, Vin is being a bit of a groomzilla and controlling most of the wedding planning. Jess doesn’t want to make the same mistakes and needs to learn to speak up for what she wants. Jess needs Jamie to help her get more involved in the wedding planning!


Vin's mom, Jean, keeps bombarding Jess with suggestions on everything from the food, to her dress, to the band - she means well - but it's driving Jess crazy!! She doesn't like any of Jean's suggestions and doesn't know how to politely tell her to back off.


Jess's parents are newly divorced and are currently not on speaking terms. She is adamant on keeping them separated during the party, but nervous they will potentially have a dramatic encounter.

A Story - The Deep Dive

BACKSTORY:  Jess and Vin are in the throws of wedding planning and Vin has turned into a groomzilla. Vin plans events as his career so he is having a tough time letting go of his vision and letting Jess into the planning process. Jess is feeling left out and on top of that, guilty that this is her second wedding.

TASK & PROCESS:  Jamie, much like Jess, had a husband who became a groomzilla during their wedding. She can really relate to this! Also her husband is from Long Island! Coincidence?! Hmmm. Jamie tags along with Vin & Jess on a few wedding tasks to see how controlling he is. Once assessed, Jamie hauls Jess & Vin to a private couple’s workshop with a yoga teacher, where they do various balances that require an even give and take of force. Jamie appeals to Vin’s ego around being a good yoga student, and points out to Vin that real yoga goes beyond the mat. Being supportive and flexible with his wife’s needs is its own form of yoga!

PAY OFF:  Vin realizes he can take as much pride in his emotional flexibility as he does in his deep Pigeon (Eka Padasana).


B Story  - The Hand Off

BACKSTORY: Jess' parents are divorced and her mom is dating a new guy "Bob" that she doesn't love. Jess feels bad for her dad, who is single, and would love Jamie to help him find a date to the wedding, or at the very least help him look his sharpest for the big day.

TASK & PROCESS: Jamie sets a series of blind dates for Jess’ dad to make him feel comfortable and give him a ‘buddy’ at the wedding.

PAY OFF: Jess’ dad shows up with a fun date for the wedding.

C Story - The Quick Fix

BACKSTORY: Jess is looking to take ownership of something special at her wedding. She wants to make her second wedding feel different and more special than her first.

TASK & PROCESS: Jamie suggests that Jessica give Vin’s mom Jean the power to choose one very Long Island wedding tradition item or wedding feature. The two of them go on a fun outing to pick it out together -- whether it’s an Ice Swan, Chocolate Fountain, Prime Rib Junction or some other tacky classic.

PAY OFF: Jess generously appeases Vin’s mother’s desire for tradition while still having a wedding that she feels represents her and her fiancé’s personal style.






Jess's Dad


Mediation Leader

  • Annette is a fiery New Yorker who is born and bred in the Bronx.

  • She admits her daughter is headstrong and refuses to compromise when she has a vision.

  • Annette was married to Jess’s dad, her high school sweetheart, for 21 years. They have now been divorced for 10 years and have minimal contact with each other.

  • Annette is now dating her childhood friend Bob and will be bringing him to the wedding. She has no interest in mingling with Jess’s dad!

Jess's Mom

Vin's Mom

  • James is a brash Italian guy who looks like an extra from The Sopranos.

  • He is still getting used to the bachelor lifestyle and gets misty-eyed when talking about his ex-wife.

  • He isn’t bringing a date to the wedding and claims he never wants to remarry.

  • He would do anything for Jess and is sparing no expense on the big day.

  • Jean is a warm Italian mama bear from Long Island.

  • She is having a hard time relinquishing control and wishes she could plan out the entire wedding herself.

  • Jean comes from a huge family and everyone has a traditional catering hall wedding – she is still struggling to accept Jess and Vin’s offbeat choices, but is trying her best to roll with it.  

  • Dunes and Jess have been best friends for five years. They met as part of a Women’s Circle where they have monthly dinners and tarot readings.

  • Dunes has never led a ceremony but feels she is strong enough to “hold the room”.

  • Dunes loves the idea of a Quaker ceremony where they guests sit in a silent circle and face inward. No one speaks unless they feel compelled by spirit to do so.

  • Jay and Vin have been best friends since their emo-punk band days in high school.

  • Jay has never led a meditation before and was alarmed when Vin asked him if he would consider leading one for the ceremony.

  • Jay is nervous the “skeptical Italians” won’t be able to sit still and the while meditation will go off the rails.