Age: 53

Occupation: Mortgage Closer

Location: Northeast Philadelphia

Relationship Status: Single


Kevin is a Northeast Philly born and bred single dad whose little girl is getting married September 1st, 2019. Haley, 20, is also officially moving out of dad's house a week before the wedding. Haley is Kevin's only daughter, and it's been just the two of them since Kevin's divorce from Haley's mom, 4 years ago. Haley has encouraged her father to date since the split, but he spends every weekend "third wheeling it" with his ex-wife and her new boyfriend! ...which, needless to say, has taken a toll on any semblance of a dating life. Kevin has had trouble moving on, and his confidence has taken a beating. Kevin says, "I'm not the handsomest of guys." He's never owned a suit in his life, and certainly doesn't have anything appropriate to wear to his daughter's wedding. This is Kevin's only shot to walk his daughter down the aisle, and Haley desperate wants her dad to do it PROUDLY and have the confidence he should have for being such a good dad. She wants him to feel like A MILLION BUCKS at her wedding and wow everyone during their father / daughter dance.


Haley will only be living with dad for a few more months before she gets married and moves in with her future husband. She wants her father to be in a good place, actively searching for work, and feeling good about himself and his new chapter when she's gone. She wants her dad to be the happy-go-lucky man she knows at her wedding (potentially with a great woman on his arm) and wants to give back to the man who's given so much to her!


FASHION: Kevin wears Phillies & Eagles gear, graphic "dad joke" tees, waterproof swooshy pants, and ugly sneakers from Walmart (orange, blue and white).  Since they are Scottish, he suggested wearing a KILT to his daughter's wedding and she is freaking out! 

GROOMING: Kevin is obsessed with gel and goes through several tubes a month. His signature look is sharp and spiky. Haley thinks his hair looks like a middle schooler's from the 1990's. He rocks a goatee but has trouble maintaining it. 

DESIGN: Kevin & Haley still live in the big Northeast Philly home that he and his ex-wife did. Kevin hasn't changed the decor since his wife left.  He keeps his clothes in the basement and only uses the basement bathroom to avoid the room he and Maureen used to sleep in together. That room still has a closet full of Maureen's old clothes. The carpets are pink and the cabinets are a bright, ugly yellow.

FOOD: Kevin is a fantastic cook but his kitchen isn't equipped with appliances such as knives, pots and utensils. He uses tons of butter and needs help honing in his recipes to be healthier and more streamlined.

CULTURE: Kevin wants his daughter to be proud of the man who raised her especially as he walks her down the aisle.

EVENT:  Haley's wedding Sep 1st / father / daughter dance

Nominator: Haley Abernethy (daughter)

  • Haley says her dad has done so much for her other the years, now it's his time to shine! She wants her dad to look and feel his best while walking her down the aisle.