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  • Light Skin Keisha is a social media personality and rapper who gives scathing social commentary in the videos she posts on Instagram. These videos, in addition to her many modeling shots, have earned her nearly 800 thousand followers on Instagram.

  • She has released three singles that have gone viral and have accumulated millions of views.

  • Some of her videos have received more than 2.4 million views.

  • She is often compared to Cardi B. for her “in your face” personality and unfiltered delivery of dialogue.

  • Keisha started making videos in her car because her commute was so long, so she just picked up her phone and started complaining about things on Instagram.

  • She is proud to say she can twerk and move one butt cheek at a time.

  • She wants to inspire the masses and let people know she is living proof that “you can accomplish anything.”

  • She was raised by her mother in a single-parent home and she has seven siblings.

  • She says she made braces cool and inspired many girls in Atlanta to get them.

  • She feels being real and having a great personality will help her win the competition.