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  • Lola is a high fashion and beauty model who has been modeling for 5 years.

  • She's done Luster’s hair ads, has been been on the cover of several international magazines and has walked the runways of West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale Fashion Week. 

  • Lola prides herself on being a model who can “talk” and is also very well educated. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations and a Master’s Degree in Global Strategic Communications. 

  • She is opposed to nude modeling and feels instagram models are just women trying to make money by objectifying themselves. She says most instagram models will never have long lasting careers. Her motto is: You don’t have to be naked to make it.

  • Lola comes from a middle class family who taught her to take pride in herself and in the African American culture. She is pro black, and passionate about her culture and community. She goes out of her way to support black owned businesses.

  • To win the competition she will bring her "A" game and she will "kill it. “I’ll form alliances if I have to in order to come out on top.”