Location: BROOKLYN, NY

relationship status: Single

social media: Instagram


Luke Hawksworth is a young, successful real estate entrepreneur who is dealing with a deep dark secret… his past. As his home life unravels, he’s become a shell of himself, pretending to be someone he’s not. He is trading happiness for an image of success and losing himself and potential for real love in the process.



  • On the outside, Luke has it going on. He’s devilishly handsome, very successful in his real estate career, wears only the best designer suits and lives in a gorgeous SoHo loft.

  • He started his career with the Ryan Serhant Group, and has since stepped out on his own, growing a vast clientele list of wealthy Greater New York City residents.

  • What no one knows it that Luke has a secret… a backstory he’s ashamed to tell anyone.

  • Luke grew up modestly in a small town in North Carolina.  His relationship with his father has always been pretty distant, but now, as his parents are divorcing, his father is demanding Luke take a DNA test, delegitimizing him as his son & accusing his mother of cheating.

  • Luke has always wanted to be closer with his father, and he’s angry that his dad is now denying he’s his real son. He admits it’s tearing him up inside.



  • Luke has been single for a couple years. He has high expectations in women and says his type is “models.”

  • He’s convinced his past relationships have fizzled after he opened up about his home life.

  • He now breaks up with women when the relationship gets too close, fearful that he’ll have to bring them home to his parents and show them where he came from.


  • Luke puts on a front every day and takes off “his mask” every night.

  • He admits it’s exhausting and says recently he feels like he’s going to explode.

  • His quest for perfection in his job, his appearance, his paycheck and his women is of utmost importance, and he’ll stop at nothing to attain his goal… even if it’s at the cost of his general wellness.

  • He’s sacrificing happiness for success and believes he can’t have both. He strives for perfection and is losing not only himself but also the potential for love in the process.



  • Luke is spiritually curious and dreams of spending a month in a Buddhist monastery to get away from the grind and clear his head.

  • He hopes the retreat will help him feel more comfortable being himself and stop hiding his past.



  • Luke is single and ready to mingle. He’ll have eyes for Cat and will enjoy tempting her as she decides whether or not to stay in her marriage.

  • He’ll make fast friends with the other single bros in the house, including Michael Sheehan. Michael’s authentic nature will help Luke open up about his past.