AGE: 33

LOCATION: Los Angeles, CA



  • As an artist, Matt’s creative eye for design began at a young age after he and his brother, Daniel, created a clothing company.

  • Later, he was given an opportunity to design a bar and after multiple projects back to back, he created an interior design studio, M. Winter Design. His studio incorporates unique colors and vintage pieces that provide the client with the space of their dreams.

  • His work philosophy focuses on creating a memorable journey to creating a space rather than just focusing on the final product.

  • Matt believes it is all about the experience. For him, it is style over practicality and figuring out the best way to satisfy the client.

  • Matt’s personality is fun and easygoing but he’s not afraid to use his confidence to help him work hard under pressure and get the job done.

  • He stays out of the path of other designers and doesn’t let current trends dictate his unique vision.

  • Matt’s work has been featured in various magazines including The Wall Street Journal, Eater Los Angeles, and on AOL News. One of his biggest accomplishments came in 2017 when Manuela, a restaurant he designed in Los Angeles, was named “the number one best-designed restaurant” by LA Weekly.

  • While Matt continues his work on restoring the history from residential areas and restaurants in Los Angeles, he is extremely competitive and wants to win so he can inspire designers all over the country to pull from the past and not get stuck on using current trends.