McKenna Collins   (22) & Chris  Gantz   (25)


Location: Madison, WI

Wedding Date: December 14, 2019

Wedding Venue:  The Edgewater

Guest Count: 150 - 200

BIG BRIDAL SAYS: Don’t turn your wedding into a tacky pageant.


WEDDICULOUS SAYS: Where’s my sash, bitch?

McKenna & Chris's Story

McKenna and Chris met five years ago, and it was love at first swipe. After they matched on Tinder, they had their first date at a fast-casual restaurant. That night, McKenna went home to her mom and sisters and proclaimed she met the man she was going to marry! Fast forward five years and her prediction came true!


They are planning an over-the-top Winter Wonderland wedding complete with ice dancers, a Christmas tree installation, fake snow and multiple wardrobe changes. McKenna wants her guests to feel like they’re walking into a ceremony that’s equal parts Hallmark Christmas movie and the inside of a snow globe. She is a former Miss Wisconsin, so beauty and glamour come naturally to her and her bridesmaids, three of whom are former Miss America contestants.


McKenna and Chris both share traditional Midwestern values, but Chris’ family hales from “farm country,” while McKenna’s is more “urban” (i.e. classy…). Chris’s parents planned huge (600+ guest) weddings for both of his older sisters, and they are insulted that they’re being asked not to invite third cousins or the neighborhood mailman to their son’s affair.


McKenna’s had her Wedding Pinterest page since she was 12-years-old, but has found planning IRL way more challenging than pinning photos online. She wants her big day to “go viral” and is already freaking out over the chance that things won’t match her vision.

To top it all off, she’s being pressured to allow her 2-year-old niece, Hailey, to attend and she does not want kids at the wedding.

A Story - The Deep Dive

BACKSTORY:  Chris and McKenna are young and in love - emphasis on the young - and have chosen not to live together before marriage. After they are married, this will be the first time they have each lived with someone of the opposite sex. It is safe to say they are both nervous about this next big step in their relationship and it is stressing them out! They want to be as prepared for this as possible and need Jamie’s help navigating this next step in their lives.

TASK & PROCESS:  Jamie approaches Chris and McKenna individually and asks them what their main concerns are regarding living with the other person. Have they observed any habits in the other person they are worried will be a problem? Pet peeves? Then, Jamie helps them each write “Roommate Vows”….a series of promises catered to the other person’s minute or broad cohabitation concerns.

PAY OFF:  Tension is broken around the anxieties of moving in together with lightheartedness.

B Story  - The Hand Off

BACKSTORY:  Chris’s dad, Dan Gantz, is a former water park owner. He is known for his wacky personality and over-the-top behavior. Together with his wife Linda, he’s planned two weddings for Chris’s older sisters, so he’s confident in his ability to throw an epic shindig. Despite this, McKenna has given Dan strict orders not to try to pull any strings or plan one of his signature “surprises.” The Gantzes are visibly upset with their lack of involvement and a bit miffed that McKenna has put them in a corner.

TASK &  PROCESS:  Jamie needs to make sure that Dan doesn’t go rogue at the wedding! To keep him in line, Jamie essentially puts him through “Calm Down Camp.” First, they do a bunch of classically wild stuff—go-karting, bungee jumping, skeet shooting etc. so he can work some of his impulsivity out before the big day. Then, Jamie works on his speech-giving skills, because a man like Dan risks being long-winded and embarrassing, and no one wants him throwing off the momentum of the wedding. Together, they channel his ex-waterpark-owner-energy into finessing his speech so he can still have a big moment of his own without derailing things entirely.

PAY OFF:  Dan contributes to the wedding without McKenna relinquishing her vision!

Alternative Hand Off

BACKSTORY:  McKenna’s sister CoCo is the black sheep of the family. While both of her blonde and traditionally “beautiful” sisters are literal beauty queens, she grew up sailing and playing tennis with her little brother. When CoCo first heard that she would be standing at the altar next to not one, but FIVE pageant girls, her heart leapt out of her chest. While she knows nothing about hair, make-up, or boob tape, she’s hoping to avoid looking like a Plain Jane in a sea of bombshells.

TASK & PROCESS:  In this hand off, Jamie reminds CoCo that beauty is hardly about lipstick or curling irons, even though Women’s Magazines, the Beauty Industry, and, oh yeah, the Patriarchy suggest otherwise! Jamie endorses the power of making an unexpected splash, and so Jamie takes CoCo for a totally top secret, pageant girl training session, all without tipping off the other bridesmaids.  

PAY OFF:  CoCo looks, and more importantly feels, drop dead gorgeous and is the most confident bridesmaid of the bunch!

C Story - The Quick Fix

BACKSTORY:  Chris’s parents are insulted that McKenna doesn’t want children, including their beloved 2-year-old granddaughter, Hailey, attending the wedding.

McKenna is adamant on the subject and won’t have crying babies ruin her big ceremony.  While family-members have taken clear sides on the issue, it remains unresolved. McKenna feels she’s lost a lot of battles to her soon-to-be-in-laws already (e.g. venue location, guest list, etc.), and she wants to put her foot down on something.

McKenna’s mom and sister think McKenna will be forced to give in, but are encouraging her to stand strong.

TASK & PROCESS:  Jamie had a mostly no-kids wedding and understands where the bride is coming from. To back McKenna’s point, Jamie will suggest that the bridal shower be a testing ground for Hailey’s behavior. If she behaves herself, Hailey will be allowed to attend the wedding, but she will have to wear a Winter-themed muzzle during the ceremony just to be safe. JK! But maybe?

PAY OFF:  Hailey attends the ceremony and gets whisked away the moment she wails or misbehaves by Jamie & co a.k.a. The Baby Silencers!



Dan & Linda


McKenna's Sister/Maid of Honor

  • Keeley is an over-the-top, dramatic diva who is having her own personal attendant the day of the wedding!

  • She is taking her role of MOH super seriously and says all of the bridesmaids need to look pageant-ready, meaning spray tans, false eyelashes, and Vaseline for their teeth.

McKenna's Mom

  • Kristan is over the moon that her first “baby” is getting married. Kristan and McKenna are BFF and in CONSTANT communication about wedding planning.

  • McKenna calls Kristan her “Momager” because she is so on top of everything.

Chris's Parents

  • Dan and Linda planned weddings for their daughters and are sad to be out of the loop for their son’s.

  • Dan is known for his “wedding surprises,” which McKenna has strictly banned!

  • Dan and Linda come from huge families (they each have at least nine siblings!) and are used to attending sizable weddings complete with cousins, kids, and babies. They aren’t happy that certain family members and their granddaughter, Hailey (age 2), are at risk of not being invited.

  • CoCo is the black sheep of the family. She lacks confidence and is terrified to stand up next to a bunch of beauty queens!

McKenna's Sister/Maid of Honor