West Hollywood, CA

Celebrity Stylist


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  • Miles Jeffries is a multifaceted stylist who uses the human form as his canvas. His clientele includes Mariah Carey, Kelly Osborne, Tinashe and Angela Bassett.

  • Miles loves stretching his imagination using art, fashion and the human condition as his inspiration. It is his goal to assist clients in achieving an elevated aesthetic most suitable to his or her natural character. He believes that just as we are ever evolving and shifting, so should our looks.

  • As a judge Miles takes a direct approach with his critique. He is looking at the contestant’s stories and how fearless these models are.  He wants these women to represent different styles, colors, and textures with their looks. He is looking for these girls to be professional, competitive and focused on winning.

  • Miles has always been a big character. He grew up as a child actor, singer and dancer and eventually worked on Broadway.

  • His biggest fashion icon is AndrĂ© Leon Tally. He values any advice or tips that AndrĂ© gives in the fashion world and likes to put his own Miles twist on it when working with his clients.