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  • Kris considers herself a “versatile” model who does print, runway and promo modeling.

  • She was insecure about her looks until she decided to have plastic surgery to enhance her appearance. Shortly after doors began to open and since then several modeling opportunities have come her way.

  • Kris has modeled for Fashion Nova, Pretty Little Things and was also featured in a Lil Yachty music video.

  • She grew up in Springfield, MA and was a “wild child” growing up. However, she turned her life around and recently graduated from Georgia State University. She plans to attend law school to become an Entertainment Lawyer.

  • Kris has trouble trusting women when she first meets them because they are often jealous of her looks and lifestyle and she fears they will try to sabotage her.

  • She owns a townhome, a BMW X6M and all of her handbags and shoes are designer.

  • When she gets angry she becomes an emotional wreck and will cry uncontrollably.

  • What she values most is her relationship with God. She feels prayer is “mandatory” and prays twice a day.

  • Kris wants to do this show to prove to herself that she has what it takes to make it to the top.