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  • Morgan is a fitness model and influencer who aspires to build a huge fitness brand and become the next Jillian Michaels.

  • At 5’11, she had dreams of being a runway model, but she was often told she was too thick and needed to lose weight. Obsessed with her dream and desperate to lose weight fast Morgan became bulimic.

  • When Morgan saw the devastating effects bulimia had on her body, she was determined to become healthy and make a change.  

  • She started doing fitness videos on instagram to showcase her fitness journey.

  • As her following grew and fitness brands like Doyoueven, TaylorMade and Peaches Sportswear came calling. She also started getting booked in music videos for artist like Chris Brown, A$AP Rocky and Fergie.

  • Although she grew up in a rough environment she didn’t have time to get in to trouble. Her mother kept her busy as she ran track, played basketball, golf, the flute and the cello.

  • When it comes to competition she doesn’t like to lose and will throw everyone under the bus to make sure she comes out on top.