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  • AJ is a model and aspiring actress who is all about her grind. Several of her Instagram pictures have gone viral and she was featured in a swimsuit article in Time Magazine.

  • She’s modeled for Icon Boutique, Fashion Nova, Pretty Little Things, and HoneyBum to name a few and gets 2-3k new followers on IG daily.

  • Growing up in LA, AJ felt insecure and was bullied by other girls because of her dark skin.

  • She even felt rejected by her mother who sent her to live with her father because she couldn’t care for her. However, AJ felt for years her mother didn’t want her because of her skin complexion as her mother and other siblings are lighter skinned. They have since moved past this issue, but it’s something that still plagues AJ until this day.

  • AJ is all about love and positivity and loves to see people happy: “I have a goal to try to make 3 people a day smile, I love spreading joy. I love women, I’m all about girl power.

  • Physical fitness is important to AJ. She exercises 5-6 times a week for 2 hours a day. She’s also vegan and has a vegan blog.

  • AJ is doing the show for her grandparents, who encourage her to go after her dreams and inspire her to be great. She also wants to inspire other dark skinned women to “love the skin they are in.”