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  • Both Venance and her sister Graziella are high fashion models, who get invited to the most exclusive red carpets, parties and galas in D.C.

  • Venance has been featured in campaigns such as Vogue and Cosmo online. She even walked the runway in NY Fashion Week.

  • Graziella recently landed an opportunity to be the face of a local brand in DC. She is featured on billboards all over their local mall.  

  • Venance says she was born to model. She walked in her first show at the age of five.

  • Graziella on the other hand was a tomboy growing up until her sister encouraged her to dress up and wear heels to school.

  • Originally from Cameroon, Africa they moved to the United States when they were children.

  • Being sisters and working in the same industry can be tough as they get competitive with each other over brands and social media followers. Graziella admits that she sometimes gets jealous of her sister and even made an attempt to sabotage her when she stole her Fashion Nova package, simply because it’s a brand that she wants to work with.

  • Venance and Graziella are eager to win this competition as they want to represent for their hometown, Cameroon.