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  • Maddy is an urban model who gained popularity after a picture of her with former basketball star Lamar Odom went viral.

  • She wants to continue building her brand and eventually open up a treatment center for people recovering after plastic surgery.

  • Maddy enjoys the fame and attention instagram gives her. She is determined to stay relevant and in the spotlight. If she hasn’t gained followers in a few days she’ll post a hot photo or something crazy to get attention.

  • A tomboy, she prefers hoodies to heels any day and loves go-kart racing and football.

  • She grew up in Brooklyn, NY and had a troubled childhood. She was mad at the world and didn’t really know why. She was disrespectful to her elders, would often skip school, run the streets and fight for no reason.

  • Maddy and her mother hit several rough patches, but her mom never gave up on her. Her mother’s love and support inspired her to move to LA and get her life together.

  • When it comes to winning Maddy will “push a bitch off a bridge” if that’s what it takes. She’s determined and will stop at nothing to come out on top.