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  • Cayla is an aspiring model who is most known on social media for documenting her journey with Alopecia.

  • She was diagnosed with Alopecia Areata when she was in 8th grade after noticing patches of her hair was falling out.

  • She tried to correct the problem with growth hormones for her hair, but when things got worse she started wearing wigs.

  • Cayla eventually grew tired of trying to hide her bald spots and on the January 1st of 2018 she decided to shave her head completely.

  • She created a YouTube channel where she talks about living with Alopecia.

  • Within the last three months her social media platforms have started to gain momentum and her modeling career is taking off.

  • She was featured in the Unique Beauty Series which showcases unique models with unique assets.

  • She’s also been recruited by Zahara Swim to be an ambassador for their swimsuit line.

  • Cayla wants to inspire a generation of young women brave, bold and embrace who they are regardless of their differences and to encourage them to chase after their dreams despite their circumstances.