Los Angeles, CA

Ani Yemenidjian, 36

Nora Mansour, 36

  • Norani is a new children’s clothing line that will feature easy to use swaddling blankets and zippered clothing for toddlers and babies.

  • Backstory - Every great business starts from someone being frustrated about the lack of a certain product. When Norani founders Nora Mansour and Ani Yemenidjian became mothers, they discovered a lack of functional yet stylish baby basics, especially zippered onesies with footies and hand coverage that were comfortable enough for babies to nap in, but also stylish enough to leave the house in, as well as simple-to-use swaddles – so they set out to create them. Their innovative designs and original classic prints include onesies, toddler pajamas, swaddles and other daily basics.

  • Leap - Norani plan to place their first manufacturer’s order within the coming months. This will take their business from dream to reality.

  • Business Plan - Over the next 6 months, Ani and Nora have a lot to do to get their brand up and running. They need to finalize their onesie design, their swaddle design, and their swaddle patent is currently pending. They need to choose the 5 designs they want to launch with, find an overseas manufacturer, set up a website, hire a team, and plan their launch event!

  • Struggles - Their biggest struggles are that they are fish-out-of-water when it comes to the clothing design space. They love fashion but have no clue about what it takes to get a brand going. So there’s been a lot of learning form mistakes—especially when it comes to manufacturing.

  • Stakes - Ani and Nora invested all of their savings into the business. Their time, energy, money, and happiness are at stake.

  • 3-Month Milestone - The ladies are planning several launch events to get some press and to get a buzz for the brand. They plan on hosting a series of launch dinners and inviting everyone who’s anyone.