Age: 35

Occupation: Jello Shot Purveyor

Location: West Chester, PA

Relationship Status: Single


Paul is local legend in Philly! He is known for showing up at concerts and music festivals around town and slinging homemade jello shots to the masses. He started his "business" ten years ago after seeing a girl make some quick cash after selling jello shots at a Dave Matthews Band concert. Hailing from a family of 9 siblings, Paul suffers from self-diagnosed “middle child syndrome.” He is constantly trying to seek his parents love and approval. To make matters more complicated, Paul’s older brother is indie-rock darling, Kurt Vile. He struggles with living in the shadow of his famous brother who not only has a killer career, but also a wife and two kids. There was a time when Paul had musical aspirations but those fell to the wayside after he became "Jelloman." Despite spending most of his free time making jello shots, he barely makes any money from it. He typically gives the shots away instead of charging people, and he supports himself by working as a stone mason during the day.


After ten years of illegally selling jello shots, Paul finally got a legit break to sell his goods at Coachella. This summer is a pivotal moment for his future and his business. Being "Jelloman" has put a strain on nearly all of his personal relationships, and this is his chance to finally be taken seriously by his family and possibly his ex-girlfriend (love of his life).


FASHION: Paul rotates the same four pairs of dirty Levis and wears whatever tee-shirt is “clean” at the moment. All of his clothes reek of Jello and Vodka, and are seemingly covered with a thin layer of dust. His closet is a stack of plastic shelves next to his washing machine.

GROOMING: Paul’s siblings say he literally hides behind his long locks of hair. He loves his flowing mane, but admits he could be taking better care of it. His shower has been under repair for the past four months, so in lieu of showering he’s been laying down and washing his hair under the bathtub faucet.

DESIGN: Paul lives in a run-down “frat boy-esque” home that’s adjacent to a large university. He’s owned the home for over ten years, but has never put in any effort to decorate or make it comfortable. The main floor mostly serves as a space for his jello operation. He has three bedrooms, two of which are just cluttered with junk and storage. His room houses an antique desk he inherited from his grandfather, but it’s covered in dust and unused

FOOD: Paul is obsessed with condiments, pickles, and olives. His go-to snack is canned oysters with crackers. He rarely eats full meals and prefers to nosh throughout the day. His cooking skills are incredibly limited, and he doesn’t feel like he has the time to prepare meals.

CULTURE: Paul grew up in a super musical family. He has put his musical ambitions on the backburner while pursuing his jello dreams. Growing up as the middle-child has made Paul feel like he desperately needs his parents attention and approval. He wants to prove to them that he can be taken seriously.

EVENT: Philadelphia’s biggest music festival, Made In America, takes place this August. It would be the perfect event for Paul to show off the new and improved him.  

Nominators: Sam Vile, 31 – Paul’s Brother

  • Sam has watched Paul flail through his life and he wants to finally see him get his act together. He speaks on behalf of the entire Vile sibling clan when he says Paul is a special soul who just needs a bit of guidance and tough love.