Age: 42

Occupation: Restaurant Manager

Location: Olathe, KS (30 min. from KC)

Relationship Status: Single


Rob’s wife, Allison, tragically passed away from breast cancer in 2016. He is now the primary caretaker of their two young boys, Davis (5) and Vincent (3). Rob works long days managing a local bar and grill, and he’s truly doing the best he can to provide his sons with a comfortable and happy home life. He relies heavily on the support of his extended family and friends to ensure that the kids are dressed in clothes that match and have a tidy house to live in, but he wants nothing more than to learn how to independently take care of himself, his boys, and his home.


FASHION: For Rob, clothing is 100% function over fashion. He rotates the same two pairs of jeans and t-shirts every day so he doesn't have to think about what to wear. He wishes he could emulate the style of "male models" he sees on the Internet, but he's at a total loss for where to begin. He has no shame in asking his support system (his former in-laws and Allison’s girlfriends) for help – but he’s ready to learn to make decisions for himself. He would also love the confidence to dress his children and help them avoid being made fun of at school! His mother-in-law currently folds his children's clothes in outfits to help ensure the outfits coordinate.


GROOMING: Rob is incredibly self-conscious of his image. He admits his beard looks like "testicle hair,” but keeps it in an attempt to "hide" his double chin. The only products he uses are 2-in-1 Head and Shoulders shampoo/conditioner and Oxyclean acne pads. Rob is super embarrassed of a gecko tattoo he has on his upper arm, and has considered getting it removed. The tat is unfortunately situated right above a large brown mole, so it looks like the gecko has pooped on his arm…!


DESIGN: Rob is starting a new chapter in his life and moving into a new home this summer with his boys. He'll be bringing his signature red leather couch and some bedroom sets from his existing place but he really has NO idea where to begin when it comes to decorating. He wants to make sure Allison's memory is reflected throughout the new space, but also wants to the house to be symbolic of new beginnings. Rob loves bright colors, but also loves Southwestern decor, Mexican art, and hippie music.


FOOD: Rob used to cook for Allison all the time, but now he's a slave to the microwave. His go to meals are hot dogs, mac and cheese, and Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwiches. His once beloved grill is now completely neglected and coated with rust. He would love to stop making separate meals for his kids and prepare them food that they can all eat together for family meals.


CULTURE: Historically, Rob was a "beer guy" through and through, but towards the end of her life Allison tried to turn him into a "wino.”  Rob would love to learn more about different types of wines as it makes him feel connected to Allison. His current idea of a fine blend is an $11 bottle of Yellowtail from the grocery store.


FAB FIVE CONNECTION: Karamo knows what it means to take care of two sons unexpectedly. Rob welcomes any advice on making his sons’ lives enriching and fulfilling, and doing it all on his own as a single parent.


EVENT: HOUSEWARMING PARTY: Rob would love to have an epic housewarming party in his new space! He wants his extended family, friends, and neighbors to know that he and his boys are going to be okay, and that the house has plenty of room for a woman to move in if/when he finds that he can fall in love again.

Nominator: Sawnsai Mosley, deceased wife’s best friend


  • Sawnsai has been right by Rob's side since Allison's passing. She wants nothing more than for him to regain his confidence and find love and happiness in his new post-Allison life.

Rob's current home

Exterior of Rob's new home. It will be completely unfurnished when he moves in.