Savannah Fields     (27) &  Cesar Arellano      (29)


Location: Houston, TX

Wedding Date: October 26, 2019

Wedding Venue: El Balcon Event Hall

Guest Count: 300

BIG BRIDAL SAYS: A wedding can be an elegant blending of two cultures.


WEDDICULOUS SAYS: Or it's a messy mash-up and who doesn't love Diplo?!

Savannah & Cesar's Story

Savannah and Cesar met while they were working at the University of Houston-Downtown. As soon as she saw him walk in the door his first day of work, Savannah was smitten.  It didn’t take long for Cesar to get the hint and ask her out! On their 2-year anniversary, Cesar had plans to propose but he tore his ACL playing soccer that morning. He almost had to pull the plug but he pushed through and hobbled through the proposal! It was the most painful and happiest moment of his life!


Savannah grew up in a strong African American family, while Cesar and his family emigrated to the U.S. from Mexico when he was 7. Prior to meeting Cesar, Savannah never dated someone outside of her race. They have both faced discrimination for being in an interracial relationship, but refuse to let it slow down their love or passion for each other. Love is love!


They are throwing an elegant fall wedding that represents both their cultures. Savannah plans on Jumping the Broom and Cesar wants to include some traditional Hispanic wedding dances. Their love not only crosses racial divides but languages too – proving love is a language of its own!


Their biggest difficult has been the language barrier between the families – Cesar’s parents speak very limited English and no one in Savannah’s family speaks a lick of Spanish. This has made planning difficult because they need to make sure everyone can understand what’s happening. It seems like they need double of everything, one in English and one in Spanish! It’s causing them a major headache on top of all the different opinions they’ve been getting from everyone around them!

A Story - The Deep Dive

BACKSTORY:  Family means everything to Savannah and Cesar so they want to make sure both sides of the family feel a part of their big day. The biggest thing for them is making sure everyone they invited can understand their “I do’s”.


Choosing the right officiant has been difficult for them. Their celebrant needs to be comfortable saying the wedding in fluent English and Spanish so everyone can hear their vows. They also want to make sure there is a blend of their Catholic/Christian backgrounds in the ceremony as well as a little humor! They’ve had a lot of suggestions from family and friends but they aren’t sure who will truly be the best fit for this bilingual wedding.

TASK & PROCESS:  Jamie holds auditions with Cesar and Savannah’s top officiant choices to make sure they get someone who is up for this bilingual challenge and who is able to connect with them on a personal level to make their ceremony special.

PAY OFF:  Savannah and Cesar are confident in their officiant - who winds up delivering the heartfelt ceremony they wanted! 


B Story  - The Hand Off

BACKSTORY:  Savannah is a super emotional person and always says what she feels. Cesar not so much – even on Valentine’s Day he struggles to get deeper than just “I love you.” They are writing their own vows and Cesar is nervous. Savannah wants him to be expressive, but it’s just not his nature and he’s worried he might make a fool of himself in front of everyone they know!

TASK & PROCESS:  Jamie, a published author,  wants to give Cesar some writing tips, specifically on how to get into “vow mode” and tap into his sensitive side.  Jamie takes Cesar to an inspiring coffee house, provides him a turtleneck and beret, and takes him through a series of creative writing prompts, gently nudging him into writing something personal and not cliché

PAY OFF:  When he says his vows at the wedding, Savannah is brought to tears!

Alternative Hand Off

BACKSTORY:  Savannah and her family don’t know any Spanish. With more than half their guests at the wedding being native Spanish speakers, Savannah wants her family to make a good impression with Cesar’s family and show them they are excited to blend their cultures. She also wants to make sure no one in the family says anything disrespectful to her new Hispanic family!

TASK & PROCESS:  Fellow Texan Jamie (or her posse) can teach the family some basic Spanish phrases that would be handy at the wedding – “Welcome to our family!”  “Want to dance?” “More Tequila please and thank you!” Jamie gives them a vocab test and rewards them with the highest honor: margaritas and Tex-Mex fajitas.

PAY OFF:  The Field’s family charms the Arellano’s and their friends – all 200 of them!


C Story - The Quick Fix

BACKSTORY:  Savannah wants her mom Martha to be around for the wedding planning, but she knows Martha’s assertiveness will make her second guess all her choices! Every time they do get together, Martha offers to pay for all the dream items Savannah feels costs too much. Savannah is grateful for the financial help but she doesn’t want her mom going into debt for the wedding! She still needs to find the “perfect” wedding dress and she’s worried that she won’t get that “Yes to the Dress” moment with her mom’s opinions and her own pickiness getting in the way.

TASK & PROCESS:  Jamie tags along as they go wedding dress shopping, and suggests things that are stunning, affordable and pleases both Savannah and Martha. Jamie institutes a rule that when Savannah comes out of the dressing room in a dress, the Mom has to wait 30 seconds before giving her opinion, allowing Savannah to see how she feels about it first.

PAY OFF:  Savannah has a fun Say Yes to the Dress experience, gets the elegant looks she wants, and Martha doesn’t break the bank!


Mother of the Bride

  • Martha has been married to Savannah’s dad for 30 years. She was the one who asked him to marry her, and she has been imparting that aggressiveness to Savannah. It was Martha that pushed Savannah to get the library job where she met Cesar!  She’s bringing that same intensity to the wedding planning since mother always knows best.

  • She didn’t have anyone helping her with her wedding, so Martha is determined to be there for her first-born and give her the wedding of her dreams. Even though she is currently only working part-time, she has committed to pay $2500 so far towards the wedding. Martha knows she needs to save up and has even considered selling clothes at flea markets to help pay for everything on time.


Cesar's Brother

  • Servando is Cesar’s little brother with a big personality! He’s planned their little sister’s quinceañera and his own beautiful gay wedding, so it was a no brainer that he’d come on board to help Savannah and Cesar plan their big day.

  • As a hairstylist, he has heard tons of horror stories about weddings and he’s determined to make this day the perfect fiesta for Savannah and Cesar.  He’s been pitching options for Savannah and Cesar to choose from but they can’t seem to pull the trigger on anything! He’s not afraid of pushing his opinion if they won’t choose.



  • Nikky is Savannah’s work BFF. Everyday she hears about Savannah’s wedding planning woes, and she wants to do whatever she can to make sure her wedding goes smoothly. So far her main wedding task is making sure there are tissues at the ready for Savannah!

  • She’s 37, single, and very reserved. This will be the first wedding she’s standing up in and the first Mexican wedding she’s been to. She’s nervous about how huge the wedding will be, all the eyes on her, and how much partying there will be.