Age: 17

Occupation: High School Student

Location: Bensalem, PA

Relationship Status: Single


Sharon Kulik is 17 going on 37. She is a hyperintelligent, articulate teen, who prefers socializing with her teachers instead of her peers. Her teachers describe her as a bright light amongst a sea of moody teens, but sadly her never-cynical attitude has led her to be a social outcast at school. Sharon is passionate about student government, but too unpopular to win an election. Her teachers felt so bad that they gave her an honorary title of 'Public Relations Manager.' The other students tease her for not being properly elected to the board. Sharon was raised by a working single mom, and as a result she was forced to grow up fast, and learn to fend for herself. When she isn't at school, she helps her mom take care of the house. Sharon is rarely invited to parties/social functions, and is aware that her high school experience thus far has been atypical. 



As Sharon enters her senior year, she needs to learn how to just be a KID. This is her last chance to show her classmates just how fun she can be! She wants to connect with them and make lifelong friends and memories

 before she goes off to college. 


FASHION: Sharon's go-to look consists of a boxy oversized tee-shirt and sweatpants. It's she's feeling fancy, she'll wear her trusted pair of Jeggings instead. Sharon is interested in fashion and trends, but she genuinely doesn't know how to dress well. She is insecure about her tall frame and long legs, and feels more comfortable when her body is hidden behind baggy clothes. 

GROOMING: Sharon tosses her tangled Ginger hair in a messy bun every day! Instead of going to the salon she gives herself the occasional trim with a pair of industrial scissors.  She hates brushing her hair, so it's typically quite matted. Sharon is super fair and has blonde body hair. She never shaves her legs since "you can't see the blonde leg hair!" 

DESIGN: Sharon's bedroom is that of a typical messy teen. She lets her clothes stack up into a mountain, never makes her bed, and loses things regularly. 

FOOD: Sharon's diet consists of pizza, chicken nuggets, and lots and lots of chewing gum. To avoid cafeteria awkwardness at school she eats her lunch during class. She never brings lunch from home, and she doesn't know how to prepare quick and healthy meals. 

CULTURE: Sharon needs to break down the wall that is preventing her from connecting with kids her own age.

EVENT:  First Day of Senior Year - August 26th! 

Nominator: Tracie Lamb (50), Sharon's Teacher

  • Ms. Lamb has been teaching for 25 years, and she says in all that time she's never had a student quite like Sharon. She adores her fearless approach to school and academics, but she wishes she would give herself time to just have fun and be a kid!