Denver, CO

Skkyguard Roofing

Chase Baron, 32

Sean Smith, 32

  • Skyyguard is a start-up roofing company owned and operated by military veterans, Chase Baron and Sean Smith. What sets them apart from other roofing companies is their dedication to providing gainful employment to people who have served. From the local VFW to the VA, this team makes it known that they support vets.

  • Backstory - Chase and Sean have been best friends since meeting in the Navy 13 years ago. They both dreamed of getting into roofing so when they found out that Colorado was #2 in the country for storm damage, they accepted jobs at Masterpiece Roofing and moved to Denver. The job at Masterpiece has been a disaster. Their boss is a nightmare and the job is definitely not what they signed up for. Even though their situation has been tough, it showed them that there was a void in the market for honest roofers. Starting a biz seemed like the next step, so Skyyguard was born this past January and their first roof was just completed.

  • The Leap - Chase and Sean are basically working two full-time jobs right now. Within the next 6 months they plan on quitting their full-time jobs at Masterpiece so they can devote all of their energy to Skyyguard starting in early 2019.

  • Business Plan - Over this next year, Chase and Sean will be hiring new veterans for their company, finding an office space and building it out for their home base, and negotiating deals with local property developers to grow their business.

  • Struggles - Both owners have made many sacrifices to get their company going. Sean has left his young family in Miami. He’s missed his daughter’s fourth birthday, holidays, and many other milestones he won’t get back. At the end of the day, he’s hoping that these sacrifices will pay off because he’ll be set for life with a successful roofing company.

  • Stakes - Chase and Sean have bootstrapped the company and all funding has come from their personal savings. Everything is at stake for these young entrepreneurs, from money to family. This dream can’t and won’t fail.

  • 3-Month Milestone - Chase and Sean are working towards opening their own office space. They are negotiating a deal with a local developer that could take their business to the next level and make their office space a reality. If all goes as planned they will have a grand opening in early 2019.