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  • Suzette is a model who has been in over 60 music videos with everyone from DJ Khaled, James Blunt, Rick Ross, Future, Drake and more.

  • She started acting and modeling at 4-years-old and was an extra in “Raising Helen” with Kate Hudson as well as “Maid in Manhattan” with Jennifer Lopez.

  • She is the first American born in her family. Her Dad is from China and Mom is from Jamaica.

  • Women often hate her because she is beautiful and she wishes women would come together more to support each other. She has more guy than girl friends now because guys are easier to get along with.

  • She knows being in a house with 10-15 girls will be wild and crazy, but she isn’t opposed to getting involved with the drama. She will not back down if any woman steps to her.

  • Suzette plans on being super fake with the girls in the house and pretending to be nice while she competes in the competition.

  • She feels it’s her time to shine and she wants to be on TV so all of the world can get to know who she is.