Teddy Needs a Bath

San Clemente, CA

Nicole Townend, 32

Tosh Townend, 33

  • Teddy Needs a Bath is a cotton bag designed to safely clean stuffed animals in the washing machine. It retails for $15 and is the only product on the market specifically made for washing plush toys.

  • Backstory - As a young mother with a dog, Nicole Townend knew only too well the state that stuffed toys could get into. After Nicole’s dog dragged her daughter’s stuffed bears through the mud, she looked everywhere for a container that would allow her to clean her child’s teddy bear without damaging it or her washing machine. She quickly found to her surprise that there was nothing on the market that was specifically designed for cleaning stuffed toys, so she decided to design a product herself. With her husband as her investor, they set off to make Teddy Needs A Bath a household name.

  • Leap - Nicole plans to quit her full-time marketing job within the next few months so she can focus all of her energy on the relaunch of Teddy Needs A Bath.

  • Business Plan - Over the next few months Nicole and Tosh will be relaunching the company. They are moving their office from home to a co-op space for start-ups. In October, the couple has a trip planned to China to meet with their manufacturer. They are developing new products for the line such as dryer sheets, a new children’s book, and a line for pets. But their main goal is to get into some big box stores.

  • Struggles - The biggest struggles they have are financial. The couple was on Shark Tank and they thought they’d be millionaires but it didn’t happen. The money issues and some resentment split the couple up for a few years but they are back together and ready to prove to the world that TNAB will make them millionaires.

  • Stakes - Everything is at stake for Nicole and Tosh. They have maxed out their credit cards and have invested over $60k. If this relaunch doesn’t work they will be bankrupt.

  • 3-Month Milestone - The couple is working hard to get their product into Target right now. The goal is to have a Teddy Needs A Bath on Target shelves within the next 6 months.