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  • Valentina is new to the business, but is ready to get signed and be the face of a major brand.

  • She has over 41K followers on Instagram and considers herself an instagram model with a focus on modeling swimsuits.

  • Valentina has labeled herself OCD. Her closet is color coordinated, her home is always spotless and she likes clean lines with things in order.

  • She also has a very specific way she saves contacts in her phone. If anyone changes the order of how she likes things it will drive her crazy.

  • One of her biggest pet peeves is when people leave open or older food in the refrigerator. She constantly throws food if she decides it’s past “her” expiration date.

  • She admits to not being a team player and often has issues with group work because she wants everything done her way.

  • She thinks she has a bold and in your face attitude, but she actually comes off as a quiet, innocent and naive.

  • Her goal is to be signed to a modeling agency, however that hasn't happened for her yet. She feels this opportunity will give her the chance to prove she has what it takes to succeed as a model.