Jefferson, WI

Whitetail Smokeless

Abby Kieckbusch, 18

Robert Kieckbusch, 48

Amber Kieckbusch, 14

  • Whitetail Smokeless is a tobacco free dip that won’t give you cancer or harm your teeth.

  • Backstory - Whitetail Smokeless was started because Rob wanted to make a difference in peoples lives. After losing several family members to cancer caused by tobacco use, he knew he needed to find a solution. Knowing first hand how hard it can be to quit nicotine cold turkey, this former dipper invented a homemade "concoction" that paired tobacco alternatives with different levels of nicotine content. He shared his dip with friends and got so many requests for more that he decided to perfect that product and prepare it for mass market.

  • Leap - This fall, a movie created by popular dip influencers will premier and Whitetail is prominently featured. If the movie is a hit it could change Rob’s business overnight—from small time to major player.

  • Business Plan - Within the next 6 months Rob will be hiring new employees, adding automation with a canning and labeling machine, he will be adding new flavors, and will also be adding pouches. To help get his name out there, Rob also wants to get booths at country music festivals around the country.

  • Struggles - Rob’s biggest struggle is that sales are growing faster than his little team can handle. They are trying to get ahead with back-stock but with such a small team and with business booming, they just can’t keep up. He will need to hire some staff and buy automating machines to keep up with demand.

  • Stakes - Everything is at stake. This is Rob’s million dollar idea. It’s his last chance to be his own boss and have economic freedom. Failure is not an option!

  • 3-Month Milestone - Rob works with a lot of “Hic Hoppers” and he wants to host a local music festival to bring attention to the brand and to celebrate his success with Jefferson, WI, locals.